February 07, 2009

If Only Looks Mattered (Day 3 Report)

Of our 29 embryos, 25 are in the 6-10 cell range that the lab likes to see on Day 3. Three of the other four are 5 cells, and one is 3 cells.

The embyrologist who called with our report says the 25 look "perfect" and this is "exactly what we want to see."

If only that counted for something. But our embryos always look great, and from the anecdotal evidence I've read from other ladies who have had CGH done, it's usually the highest-graded, best-looking ones that turn out to be abnormal, and the average-to-poor looking/graded ones that come back normal. Last cycle, it was our more average-graded ones that came back with "no results." Not to say that those are normal, because they could go either way, but the great-looking ones were definitively abnormal.

At this point, there's nothing else to do but settle in for the 2mw (2 month wait). And perhaps use the time to work on shrinking my ass down from the size of Australia to the size of Alaska.


Grad3 said...

Well, it's a start.

As far as your ass, and mine, it's good to have goals ;))

I will keep checking-in and wishing you an abundance of eggs to choose from!!

Anniep said...

Strangely, I felt a huge sense of relief that there wasn't a TWW involved in the CGH/FET ER cycle. Good luck w/ your ass... at least spring is coming (soon, according to the groundhog), and you can get out a bit more! :-)

Sue said...

Okay, that is a beautiful report! And, don't use our desperate logic to stress...(the desperate logic is for those of us who get mediocre looking embies who pray that the ugly ones are really the good ones!) I still think a ton of beautiful ones is a great sign! Oh I am so desperate for that 2mw! I can't wait to have things moving along in the lab while I eat healthy, work out, lose weight (you should see my ass! Scary) and even enjoy some wine! You did great!

DAVs said...

I know it's hard to get excited about much given the tremendous amount of crap you have been through (sorry if that's the understatement of the century) but at least they're dividing and growing, and will give you lots of embryos to test. I really feel like it's a numbers game, and having lots of embryos to start with is at, the very least, something.
Good luck with the ass-shrinking!

Linda said...

Your post brings me back to when I did CGH (15 blasts biopsied, 8 abnormal & 7 no results). The better looking embryos turned out to be abnormal, even with the previous 2 PGD-FISH cycles. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I understand what you're going through. Hang in there. CCRM told me that it would probably take 8 weeks to get the results, but I got them one day shy of 4 weeks. Unfortunately, we have even more questions. I hope the wait is short for you and that you have lots of normals! :)

MamaSoon said...

Congrats on having many to choose from. I hope Linda is right about the wait. 2 months is so long, isn't it? It is so weird about this trend that the lesser looking embies are the better ones.

So are you doing cgh or microarray?

Polly Gamwich said...

Wowza! What a great embryo count. I so hope you get a ton of normals.

I totally have to get intimate with Richard Simons ... can we diet after ER and before ET? I was told no dieting, but I think that's when you're getting ready for ET.

I'm glad you've got a goal though, waiting the 2 months is hard - when I was doing CGH with SIRM (twice) I would aim for 2 weeks PAST the longest timeframe they expected ... and then when it came earlier than that - I was excited. And to be honest - they estimated 4-6 weeks and the results came in 5 and 8 weeks ... so one time it REALLY helped out.