February 06, 2009

You Know You've Been Dealing With Infertility Too Long When...

...you find Band-aids stuck to your ass that you've long since forgotten about.

I just discovered Monday's trigger shot Band-aid - it had survived four showers and at least 8 changes of clothes.

Then again, perhaps it's not all that surprising. It was a small, square one, about a centimeter by a centimeter. And since my ass is about the size of Australia right now, something that tiny is easy to overlook. :-)


kayjay said...

I'm sorry...I had to laugh. It's not funny but it is, in a "dealing with IF too long" kind of way. I hope you removed it! Thanks for the chuckle :)

Sue said...

I'm still laughing! You are so right - I've done that in the shower, reaching back to soap and was like, what's that? But through all that? what brand were they? Superglue just came out with a line of bandaids:-)