July 15, 2011


Two days post-transfer, and there's no implantation spotting (the one time I want to see a little bit of bright pink on tp, and where the heck is it?!), no pinchy implantation cramping, nothing.

For the two FETs I did that made it to at least 6 weeks, I had a tiny bit of implantation spotting within 24 hours of transfer. For the 1 FET that was negative and for last year's FET that was pretty much over as soon as it began, there was no spotting.

I always have implantation pinching/cramping, always. Last year, it was less than I would have liked, which is probably related to the fact that it ended so early.

So I am bummed.

And then I had a dream last night - R and I were in a room somewhere (blank white walls, nothing to distinguish it), and then we got the call from the nurse: BFN. After that, I walked out into a hallway, and there was Kerry Vi.ncent (of the Food Network's "Challenge" show) saying in her signature disdainful tone, "I don't know what you were thinking..." and shaking her head at me. (As in, "I don't know what you were thinking by hoping this would work.")

But then again, we've done everything different this cycle - different supression protocol, different acupuncturist, different immune treatments, staying at a different hotel, different RE did the transfer (Sur. - he was very nice), different number of embryos, etc. And if this works, I'm going to use a different ob/gyn this time, too.

So maybe this is just one more thing that's different, and it'll lead us to a different outcome. Because as R pointed out: "You may have spotted, and you may have cramped, but look how that turned out in the end."


Libby said...

I'm gonna go with R on this one :) No spotting/cramping could very well be a good sign. I'm sure hoping so!

Gotta love those dreams too! I recently dreamed that my husband brought home 5 dogs from the pound, and we had to go back to sign some paperwork. Problem is that the staff was telling us he had taken 5 and a half dogs. Talk about a troubling dream :p

Hang in there, and try not to drive yourself too crazy!!!

SLESE1014 said...

I'm totally with R on this one...I had implantation cramping with my first and it ended very quickly. With this one, I had nothing. No spotting, no cramping, absolutely nothing. Was completely surprised I had zero symptoms and got a different result!

Keeping you in my thoughts an prayers. Hoping for a different result!!

Silver said...

Yup - I'm with R too. The cycle that resulted in my son, I had NO cramping, no nausea, no nothin'! I'd been pregnant 6 times before and always knew before I tested due to the pinching feelings and nausea, but that time I was CERTAIN that I was not. I was stunned when the test came up positive.

Crossing everything for you and sending positive vibes!

Silver said...
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Silver said...

Yup - just checked back and, while I did have a tiny little bit of cramping, it was TOTALLY different from the cramping I'd had when I'd been pregnant before and any nausea I had started before the embryo went back and coincided with the progesterone not the pregnancy - in fact I only felt really nauseous twice during that pregnancy: once when I was up late and hadn't eaten properly and once when I past a dead, squashed fish (edited to say - walked past - not passed as in through my body - euk!!).

MyTwoLines said...

I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately...but I am happy to read that you had a very perfect sounding transfer and don't read anything into the lack of symptoms or even tons of symptoms--I think I've heard equal stories for both cases and believe me, I've read a lot of blogs!!
Hang in there hon, we're all hoping for you!

Sue said...

I always had implantation spotting too...with all of my miscarriages and with the cycle I had DD on...and I had NONE this time. No symptoms...NOTHING. And, it was the biggest BFP I've ever had. You are not out of the game yet.

Kerry Vincent in a dream...almost too funny, if it wasn't so stressful. Hang in there. I am sending prayers!

Anna said...

Please hang in there! With the one IVF cycle that worked, I had no symptoms of any kind. No spotting, no cramping. I didn't test, but waited for the beta, which I was shocked to see had a great number. That worked out well, and the one little embryo out of 10 )out of 25 retrieved eggs) turned 5 years old this Spring.

Also, I kept having very vivid dreams, always that the pregnancy was ending or things went awfully wrong. In reality, the opposite was true. I do hope it's the same for you. Everything is crossed, and I'm praying this works for you guys... :)