July 07, 2011

Possibly Canceled, and Another Surprise

So, it seems that every time I move an inch closer to the finish line, it moves an inch farther out. Or, in this case, possibly a month.

My progesterone level is never, ever, ever above 0.5 during CD21 tests in a natural cycle. Except during last year's transfer, when it was slightly above 1 and caused the transfer to be moved up a day.

And this morning, when it was above 2. It would figure - the two times my body works like it's supposed to is when we're trying to do a transfer.

RE's office thinks maybe there was just a lab error, so I had to get redrawn this afternoon. We'll find out tomorrow. If it wasn't, the cycle has to be canceled, because it's too high to know for sure when it started to rise, so they wouldn't know with confidence which day to do the transfer.

I'm scheduled to have IVIg on Saturday, and our flight is scheduled for Sunday night.

I was on a bcp/lupron overlap protocol. Both of those things are supposed to prevent ovulation, aren't they (indirectly in lupron's case)? So that's what makes RE's office think it was a lab error.

Still, not great news.

But I had plans to have dinner with a former co-worker, and I was looking forward to that. She's a couple years older than me and also has no kids due to fertility, so she can relate. Except, it turns out, now she's 13 weeks pregnant.

I tried my best to put on a happy, excited face for her. But I'm afraid it probably wound up looking more like a "Seriously, universe?? How many more I-can't-get-pregnant-but-oh-look-now-I-am announcements are you going to send my way?" face.

On the bright side, at least I managed not to cry.


Patience said...

I'm so sorry on both accounts. Hoping that it is in fact a lab error and that you are able to move forward with the transfer.

I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm really tired of the universe mocking people like us! Hoping that the universe makes peace with both of us VERY soon! :)

Hugs my friend!

Libby said...

Well, that sucks :( I had a cycle canceled the day before retrieval because of rising progesterone. So frustrating! I hope it was a lab error, but if not, I feel your pain...

I'd be frustrated about your friend too. It seems I am bombarded with those kinds of stories lately too. I'm glad you were able to hold it together though.

Keep us posted on your labs - crossing my fingers for you!