July 17, 2011

'You're Up and You're Down'

My mood - and degree of hope - is a bit like a Katy Perry song at this point. But thank you all for your words of encouragement and support. You're helping keep me sane. Well, I suppose that word is relative at this point, but you know what I mean... :-)

I've managed to make it this far without testing. I was tempted this morning, but I talked myself out of it.

Friday night, we were laying in bed watching TV, and I began to feel something kind of like a kitten very gently kneading inside my uterus. I refused to get up for fear of disturbing anything that might be happening, so I took off my contacts in bed and made R take them into the bathroom to clean them. (The things that man has done for me these last 9 years!)

There haven't been any other consistent sensations, just an occasional twinge here or there. When I feel one, hope surges. When the twinge doesn't continue, hope fades.

This afternoon, I was feeling really sleepy. I know the progesterone supps cause that, but still...like I said, up and down, up and down...

I need to stop at the store and stock up on some FREDs, so I'll probably do that on the way home from work tomorrow. My guess is that's about as long as my willpower will hold out.


Libby said...

Got everything crossed for you. It's time for another one of us to make it to the other side!

Nic said...

Everything crossed, praying, hoping... everything I can!!

Sue said...

I so badly want to see a BFP post from you...and a beautiful, long 9 months of updates:-) I have everything crossed and am sending prayers your way!