August 06, 2011

Here We Go, Yet Again

Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of 6w1d?

Pregnancy #1 ended that day. In pregnancy #3, we lost the first twin on that day. For pregnancy #4, I woke up that day and all my symptoms were gone. That one turned out to be okay, because we got to see the heartbeat for the first time that day.

I was hoping since we saw the heartbeat yesterday and since I hadn't had even any spotting since Wednesday, that maybe we could get through today uneventfully.

No such luck.

R and I had just sat down at a restaurant for lunch, and I decided to go to the bathroom. Since things have been okay the last few days, I totally wasn't expecting the bright red bleeding.

And yet, there it was. On the pad, in the toilet, when I wiped. It didn't soak a pad within an hour, but it's definitely a lot more than I've seen so far.

We had just ordered, so we asked the server to pack up our food, and we headed home. I'm back in bed.

I hate this. I'm trying to be calm. Part of what's helping is that I'm not feeling aching or cramping, just bleeding. And there was no clotting - this bleeding (like last week and earlier this week) is still different at this point from the bleeding I've had in any other pregnancy.

The ultrasound tech couldn't see any sign of a subchorionic hematoma yesterday, but then again she also didn't look for it very long at all. The other thing is, I restarted twice-a-day Lovenox last night per the immunologist's orders since it had been 3 days since any bright red bleeding, so maybe that triggered it. But if I need the Lovenox, what effect will there be from not being on it?

If this is not going to end well, I'd rather it end now than later...


Silver said...

I'm assuming that Lovenox is an anticoagulant for you FVL? I nearly turned down my Clexane (low molecular weight heparin) for FVL till after a 7-8 week scan as there's little evidence that it's needed in a heterozygous FVL pregnancy till the 2nd and 3rd trimester. In fact, I was told by several recurrent miscarriage specialists - inc a very famous one from London ;-) - that it seems unlikely that hetero FVL is the cause of RPL (homozygous can be trickier). I was on blood thinners for both IVFs and my IUI and it made no difference at all. Didn't start my meds till after a +ive beta with my successful DE cycle and they even took me off them before the end of the preg. Interestingly, although the fertility clinic wanted me on it, the haematologist said it was "optional" - if I wanted it I could have it, but she didn't think it was essential - and gave me the lowest dose. With all that rambling, what I'm trying to say is please don't worry about having missed some of your doses.

Libby said...

Dang uterus :( We know this can still be ok, but you don't need the added stress. Hoping the bleeding stops soon and you can relax a little. Wish I had words to make you feel better...

MyTwoLines said...

It's gotta be the Lovenox! I mean, really, you just do not need this stress!! Hang in there, and keep us posted. Sending good sticky vibes your way.

Sue said...

I have been trying to get some time to check in on you! I am so excited about your ultrasound yesterday!!! Now, about the bleeding...I have to guess it is the lovenox. I also have to say that maybe you are just an early pregnancy bleeder? God, I hope so! I so want to follow you until you have your baby (THIS baby)...but I will be here to see you be a mom. I am sending hugs and prayers and really think this whole bleeding thing is absolutely UNFAIR.

What are you on lovenox for? Is it MTHFR? or another clotting issue? A good friend of mine had ambiguous results on bloodwork so is on Lovenox still at 22w (on her 10th IVF) and her doc was debating taking her off it, but she was too scared to go off it because of scary internet research. Not sure what to think. Hopefully, you are seeing a specialist?