August 30, 2011


It's amazing what a difference four days can make.

I did okay through the weekend, but then yesterday I started to really freak out again about my lack of symptoms. I was in tears. (Perhaps I should count being overly emotional as a symptom?)

So after talking with a friend who encouraged me to just go in and get scanned again for the peace of mind, I finally gave in, called the peri's office and told them I need to come in twice a week for a while. They were great, as usual, so I'll be doing Tuesday ultrasounds and Friday ultrasounds and appointments.

I was so incredibly nervous this morning. I haven't been tired or nauseous or had headaches since Friday, and the need to go to the bathroom isn't quite as strong anymore either, so I was really trying to prepare for bad news. But thankfully the heartbeat was immediately visible.

Kiddo is measuring on track - four days of growth since Friday. And instead of arm and leg stubs, there are now longer arms and legs, and even feet and toes! We could see where the bones are starting to form/harden in the head and in the toes.

Technically the toes looked more like a dog or cat paw at this point, and we could only see three or four of them on each foot, but hopefully they will all be there when they're supposed to be. :-)

I couldn't believe how much more human-like Kiddo looked today even compared with just a few days ago.

On Friday, I know I blogged that I was more terrified than happy after the ultrasound. But this time, there was just huge relief and the same kind of happiness I felt after the first few ultrasounds. Hopefully this will carry me through to Friday's appointment without too much of the crazy reappearing before then.

R is laughing at me - I just keep saying "Toes! There are toes!"


Sue said...

yay! that is amazing! You are getting so close to being in the safe zone! In some ways, you are kind of already I am so incredibly excited for you. Enjoy the biweekly ultrasounds!!! Baby toes!!!! so cute!

I keep telling my hubby about your story just because it took us so long and so many setbacks and IVFs and it just gets me so excited to see you go week to week with good things finally happening! Hang in there.

MrsSpock said...

So glad baby is OK! And so wonderful your peri understands your needs!

Libby said...

Congratulations! Baby toes are something to be celebrated :)

Nic said...

TOES!!!! So very very cool.

And I love that your peri is giving you all the tlc you need. Love love love!

SLESE1014 said...

so glad everything is still going along OK. I wish I could go twice a week for scans....I'm freaking out as much as you....My next scan isn't until next Thursday...So happy for you!

MyTwoLines said...

Yay for toes and twice weekly ultrasounds! Glad you are feeling happy again!

justine said...

Found my way here from the former {in}fertile Myrtle ... so glad to hear that you got some reassurance!