May 13, 2010

Beta #1 is in

And it's a whopping 11. Should be at least 50. Progesterone is 6.8, should be a minimum of 6.0, so at the low end of normal. So clearly not good.

The nurse did say that they have had a few cases of numbers this low progressing, but she wasn't overly encouraging either - they expect my numbers to be lower by Saturday. I'm to stay on the meds and retest then.

So the wait continues. And if this doesn't work, we are one step away from being asked to do gestational surrogacy. Anyone know where I can find a money tree?


Silver said...

It sucks to get a number like that - it's the waiting that's hideous. You just want an answer right now. I wish you could have had a whole-hearted positive. Hang in there!

MrsSpock said...

OY- I hope the next couple of days fly by.

lastchanceivf said...

Geez I'm sorry. I hate being caught in the middle like this. I hate the waiting.
Sending you strength and wishing I had a money tree.

Mo and Will said...

this is so so hard. to have to wait and try to hope. we're holding out hope for you - I expect your emotions are all over the place. may the next two days go quickly. thinking of you.


mara said...

I'm holding out hope for you too. I really hope Saturday is a good number. Will be thinking of you.

Nic said...

F F F F F F F FF F. F!

I guess it's good that it's not an outright negative, but F!

If this one doesn't work out, will you give it one more shot or start with the GS route right away? Do you know anyone you could ask?

And thanks for your shout-out on the last post, so sweet.

kayjay said...

Oh ouch. You always hope for a number that is black or white but it's the grey numbers that are the hardest to figure out how to feel about. Do you feel hopeful? At least it's a positive beta... Do you feel angry? It isn't high enough to be a definite "yes!". Hard to say isn't it? I hope Saturday's beta doubles and continues to rise.