May 13, 2010

No News Yet, But a Thank You

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you for holding my hand and keeping me company during these last few days. The 2ww is always a challenging time, but you're making me laugh and smile. In no particular order:

Silver, you're cracking me up. Thank you for leaving nothing uncrossed!

Mrs. LC, nope, no pictures. It's matter of getting your nose right down to it (to the point of smelling the pee) before you can see it. I'd need a $3,000 camera with a super macro lens to have even a remote chance of capturing the faintness of those lines, so I didn't even try. Although if I found a pink Sha.rpie and drew it in there a bit darker, maybe I'd feel better about it? :-)

Mrs. Spock and Sue, thank you for the encouraging stories.

Nic, thank you for continuing to check in on me after all this time. For those of you who don't know Nic, she and I began this horrible journey around the same time several years ago. She was one of my very first blogger friends, and although she has now had success twice over, she still continues to keep tabs on me. I've been meaning to post a comment on your blog to thank you for that, but I realized it's password protected. I'll check my e-mail in box to see if I have the password.

Mara, I'm sorry this wasn't the month. Pee sticks are evil, but yet somehow it's impossible to stay away from them, isn't it?

Mo, Polly, and Anna, thank you for thinking of me.

Hopefully there will be some real news to follow soon. So far, I am getting very little actual work accomplished today...

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