May 05, 2010


The transfer went well yesterday. We transferred one blast that was 100% reexpanded and starting to hatch.

The transfer itself was surprisingly fast (to us, anyway). Our former RE tended to take a lot more time and also showed us where they were in my uterus on the monitor.

But the upside to yesterday was that my leg cramps, which always happen during transfer, weren't very bad. (During one of our previous transfers at our first IVF clinic, they were so bad that after the embryos were in, I had to have that RE hold one leg straight up and R hold the other one. Talk about embarrassing...)

So now I'm hanging out in bed, and R is obsessively monitoring every move I make. Last night he told me not to blow my nose because it involves using stomach muscles.

Speaking of being obsessive, R isn't the only one. I'm trying not to, but failing miserably at obsessing over implantation spotting. Or more precisely, the lack of it.

I know, I know, it doesn't always happen. It didn't happen in my first two pgs, but then again I wasn't on Lo.venox then either. But out of the four transfers we've done in the past, it did happen both times on the two that resulted in BFPs. The first time, it happened the morning after transfer. The second time, it was around midnight the night of transfer. Just a tiny little bit of light pink, just once each cycle, when I went to the bathroom.

But this time, nada so far. And I'm on 80ml of Lov instead of 40, so I'm bleeding a bit more in general.

It's going to be a long 8 days until beta. We're heading to a condo in the mountains tomorrow, so at least we will have pretty scenery to distract us until Sunday night when we head home. And then, knowing me, I will break out the sticks on Tuesday morning. Or Monday if I'm really impatient... :-)


Silver said...

Oooh! Good luck! It's so hard not to analyze every little thing - trust me, I'm doing the same! If it's any comfort, I had a conversation with two friends today, both of whom are mums of two, and they both said that their pregnancies were different with their two kids. Crossing everything for you, and enjoy the condo (take DVDs?).

lastchanceivf said...

I'm so glad to hear your embryo was doing so well! That is awesome. I know it's hard not to obsess, but just go with the flow. I've got everything crossed!

Nico said...

Oooh, congrats on being PUPO! I hope the lack of spotting is meaningless!

MrsSpock said...

Hope the eight days glide swiftly by, and end in two beautiful lines...