May 13, 2010

Testing, Round 3

The alternate title to this post is "Pregnant, Not Pregnant, Pregnant, Not Pregnant..." (Think plucking petals off a daisy.)

Our bathroom countertop looks like a science experiment gone mad at the moment. There are four test sticks there at this point. The first is the one I posted about last night (it was a brand name Fi.rst Res.ponse).

The second is one of the E..P .T.'s digitals that R brought home yesterday. I did it right before bed and was then too lazy to tromp all the way downstairs to log on and post about it. (I've tried posting from my Bla.ckbe.rry but apparently my particular version isn't supported.) Anyway, it was very mean and said "Not pregnant".

This morning I did one of each again before heading off for the blood draw. The FR once again had a very faint second line, although it was slighly less faint than last night's line. So at least it seems to be moving in the right direction. And the other one still said "Not pregnant".

So my guess is that my beta is somewhere above 15 and below 50, because the FR is supposed to be sensitive in the 15-25 range, and the other one's sensitivity starts at 50.

The wait for the call begins...


lastchanceivf said...

Are there supposed to be pics for us to see?

I'm sorry about the possible low-ish beta.

I'm holding out hope that you'll be pleasantly surprised!!

Mo and Will said...

waiting right here with you.


MrsSpock said...

Limbo sucks! I hope for an OK beta!

mara said...

Digital tests are really mean.

I really hope you get a good number!

Silver said...

I love the image of your mum squinting at the stick! Am now waiting anxiously for news of your bloods. Have nothing left uncrossed.

Mo and Will said...

checking back obsessively. hoping for the best for you.