May 15, 2010

Um, I Spoke Too Soon

Crap crap crap crap crap.

I hadn't gotten a call by 4:45 p.m. Denver time, so I called the clinic. They hadn't received any results from the lab. I explained that I was there before the doors were opened and was among the first 10 people to be drawn. So the nurse called the lab to track down my results.


Yea, hurray, it more than doubled. Except that I had taken off the estrogen patches and hadn't done any of my morning meds.

I was too scared and mortified to confess this, so I didn't ask her what I should do. R and I were out with some friends, so I made up an excuse to have him take me home right way. Then I took all the pills and slapped some more patches on. Tonight is the night I would have had to swap them out anyway, so hopefully the vast majority of the estrogen from those patches was already in my system.

And then I panicked over the progesterone. The insert that came with it said if you miss a dose, just take it as soon as you remember, but don't take more than you normally would in one day. It didn't say anything about if it's close to your next dose, just skip it and resume your normal dosing schedule. So I took two - the one I missed this morning, and the one that I would normally be taking mid-day.

Then I laid down in bed and started frantically Go.ogling "forgot progesterone IVF", and about half of what I read said don't double up on the dose.

So then I panicked in the opposite direction and tried to, ahem, remove one of them. It turns out that once you stick those little suckers in there, it's pretty much impossible to get them back out. Especially if some time (the 15 minutes I spent searching online) has passed and they've started to dissolve.

So now I am just completely freaked out all the way around. And if this fails now, I will feel like this is why and it's all my fault. And hope has risen again. In fact, when the nurse called me to tell me she was waiting for the lab to call her back, she said, "I looked up your results, and you were at 11. A lot of times FETs have lower numbers, so I don't think this is over yet by any means." She was definitely a lot more optimistic than the nurse on Thursday. She said they will want me to keep getting draws every other day until the number is at least above 100.

So, lesson learned: No matter how faint the second line is, hell, even if there is no second line, and even if all your bloating goes away and you wake up feeling like you're not pregnant, and you've been around this mountain 5 times already, don't stop taking your meds until you get the official word.


Eileen said...

That is great news. I will be praying for big numbers at your next beta. Don't freak out about the progesterone. My RE actually had me on suppositories AND PIO injections for the first 13 weeks, so I don't think you overmedicated yourself by any mean. Just breathe ;-).

lastchanceivf said...

Well hot diggity! I'm glad it went up and you're still in the game. I wouldn't worry at all about the progesterone, they just give extra cautious advice about progesterone because of the cardiac risk, but really, like the previous commenter, I was on don't worry.

Libby said...

See, just when you think it's over! Yahoo for you!

Here's to hope!!!

Kate said...

I agree, you can't overdo the progesterone. I was on 200mg three times a day for lots of my pregnancy.
Glad it doubled, and hope that continues!

Nico said...

whew! I agree with the others that missing your dose by half a day and doubling up the progesterone is not going to do anything bad. I know someone to whom something similar happened, although she decided to stop her progesterone support at 14dpo only to find out her beta at 19dpo was in the 600's (I have no idea why her clinic didn't do a beta until that late) - she did end up losing the pg, but that was with FIVE days of no support. given that it was continuing fairly well through that interval, I'm sure that half a day won't make a bit of difference.

I'm SO glad it (more than) doubled, and will pray that it keeps on going!

MrsSpock said...

I don't think half a day will make a difference. And it sounds like several ladies were on suppositories and PIO. If you are really freaked out, or start having new symptoms, call a pharmacy and speak with the pharmacist, or call the nurseline- but I think you'll be OK from a one-time doubling up.

Keep growing, little beta!

Baby bump bound said...

Wow... just wow... craziness! Agree with previous posts - your meds should be ok. This is amazing! I hope to keep hearing good news!!

Silver said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! Don't worry about the progesterone. While I was in the 2ww, I thought I'd missed a dose one morning so in the evening I put another up there - then realised I hadn't missed the first one at all. I've got a friend who is a pharmacist so I contacted her (because I'd read the same as you). She was very reassuring - said that (TMI coming up) because it coats the walls of whichever orifice you stick it up and is absorbed over time, one extra dose really wasn't going to do me (or the embryo) any harm. Relax (yeah, right, like you're going to be able to do that!). Continuing to cross everything.

mara said...

Holy crap. That's awesome! I'm very hopeful and excited to hear (today's?) beta!!!!!!! I think the meds will be okay just like the others said.

kayjay said...

An optimistic Yay?

I was going to tell you that I have totally heard stories that people who do FETs have low beta numbers initially but they double but I didn't know if you wanted to hear it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they were frozen and take some time to really warm back up. I really hope that your numbers continue to double!! Fingers crossed for ya!